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“Hatago” specialized in Japanese alcohol drinks Sake, in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture,

 We always prepare more than 60 kinds of sake from all over Japan. We offer a variety of dishes using seasonal Ingredients based on Japanese cuisine. Please relax and enjoy your meal while looking at the zelkova trees symbolizing City of Trees, Sendai



The road so far

I've been managing a restaurant for 9 years.
We have acquired qualification for sake [利き酒師].
I run a bar called, “Hatago” specialized in Japanese alcohol drinks Sake, in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, Japan. 
I’m excited to know other people and their cultures and get inspired through this website. 
I’m looking forward to give chances to everyone in the world to experience our Japanese Sake, as there are so much behind the scenes and passions of breweries. It would be my pleasure to spread the goodness of Sake around the globe

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Dear customers

You can confirm your reservation by sending a direct message without going through the airbnb site

Booking or Contant
Please send me a message via emal or instagram message.

My email address:

Please write your information.
Name/Gender/Country/Date/Menu/Number of participants 

★Let me know if you have some allergy 
★Please do not hesitate to ask me anything if you have any question or request.

I’ll get back message to you within 24 hours.

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Discover local food in SENDAI

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We had a lovely time and enjoyed every second with Tsukasa-san. We learned a lot about the production of sake and we could ask a lot of questions. They'd been answered nicely. ;-) We got a bunch of helpful tips and enjoyed different sake tastes. Wishing you a flourishing business!


Great experience. Highly knowledgeable about sake and how to pair with a variety of foods. A+ experience and would recommend to anyone visiting Sendai.


This was a truly exceptional experience. We felt welcomed and learned a lot about sake production and the various methods that make different kinds of sake unique. Tsukasa, Takahashi, and Benjamin were amazing hosts and a joy to be with. The food was so delicious, we stayed after our tasting to order additional dishes.


We had tried Sake before and it had not been our favorite, but we decided to give it one more try. Tsukasa has opened up a whole new world of delicious sake for us that we didn't know existed. The food was also great! The selection and presentation of the sake was amazing, and we really got to taste the difference between different traditions and kinds of sake. We had an interpreter for our visit, which worked great. We asked a ton of questions (sorry), which were all answered. After the tasting we got personal recommendations for new kinds of sake to try. We would recommend this experience to every visitor in Sendai and will definitely be coming back of we are ever in Sendai again.


謝謝Tsukasaさん的詳細介紹^^~ 既不尷尬也不無聊的完美體驗 就算只有一個人也能輕鬆享受 雖然一開始擔心語言不通的問題 好險店裡有翻譯機~(¯▽¯) 也謝謝店裏提供美味食物的先生 與親切的服務生小姐 抱歉...不知道你們的名字@@ 非常謝謝你們~

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4-chōme-10-11 Ichibanchō, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0811, Japan


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